Kunert (Socks, Stockings)

Textile Beschaffung und Qualitätsprüfung für Kunert

Kunert AG is one of the leading German suppliers of socks and stockings. In addition to own plants in Germany and Morocco, direct purchasing from China is of growing importance for Kunert, in particular in the highly competitive private label business.

In 2007 FE has recruited a Chinese textile engineer for Kunert in Shanghai. After initial product trainings at the German head quarters, this textile engineer has become responsible for the quality control at selected suppliers in China.

Kunert uses the FE office in Shanghai as purchasing platform in China. With the support of the FE purchasing team, several tasks have been accomplished for Kunert till the end of 2011:

permanent exchange of product inquiries, quotations and samples
order based negotiations of prices as well as other contractual and delivery terms
conclusion of framework contracts in accordance with Kunert (a.o. social standards, ÖKOTex-certification, delivery terms)
supporting the technical exchange between the suppliers and Kunert as well as monitoring of the sample production
order processing incl. monitoring of delivery dates, logistics and export handling
quality control in accordance with the requirements of Kunert, both during the production and before the dispatch of the goods
invoicing and payment through the own trading company of FE in Shanghai
negotiations and solutions of claims against suppliers in China
ongoing selection of additional suppliers for existing and new product groups.

As a result Kunert could use its own purchasing center and quality control in China, with limited costs. This led to a more stable product quality and to a higher competitiveness in the market.