Aliaxis Group (Piping systems a.o.)

Procurement and Quality Control for Aliaxis Group

With a turnover of roughly 3 billion € and more than 16,000 employees, Aliaxis group belongs to the world market leaders for plastic pipe systems as well as the respective construction and sanitary products.

From early 2005 until today, FE has built up purchasing directly from Chinese manufacturers for a number of Aliaxis group companies worldwide. Customers are a.o. Ipex Inc. (Canada), Glynwed Pipe Systems (UK), Straub Werke AG (Schweiz) or Marley (Germany). For these and other Aliaxis companies worldwide, FE has selected and developed Chinese suppliers, who then have delivered various products & components as well as machinery & production equipment.

For this key business FE has formed an own Aliaxis team in China, consisting of a key account manager as well as engineers, quality controllers and purchasing managers. This team is providing local services to Aliaxis companies like
<li>selection and on-site-check of potential suppliers,</li>
<li>support and advice during negotiations with Chinese suppliers</li>
<li>providing offers and samples, based on inquiries of customer</li>
<li>handling and translation of correspondence required</li>
<li>supporting the technical exchange between customer and supplier</li>
<li>co-ordination of production, order processing, delivery time</li>
<li>quality control, also as separate task with existing suppliers</li>
<li>supporting and negotiating claims with Chinese suppliers.</li>
In the meantime the purchasing volume of Aliaxis companies in China has grown substantially, in particular in the field of machinery &amp; equipment for its worldwide plants.