Sandler (Automotive)

Sales in the Chinese Automotive market for Sandler

With a turnover of more than 300 million € Sandler AG, Schwarzenbach, belongs to the 10 leading European manufacturers of non-woven fabric. Founded in 1879 Sandler nowadays is characterized by its innovative power. More than half of its non-woven fabric products are less than 5 years old. Its key markets are automotive, filtration, wipes, furniture and fashion cloth. In automotive industry, the Sandler non-woven products are mainly applied in passenger/motor/trunk areas of automobiles.

In 2004 FE carried out a first market research for Sandler, covering the opportunities in the Chinese automotive and filtration market. In the same year Sandler joined an exhibition in Shanghai, where its non-woven fabric from Schwarzenbach drew interests of many visitors. Together with FE as the official China Representative Sandler thereafter developed dealers in the automotive and filtration industry.

In 2010 FE accompanied Dr. Sandler, owner and CEO of Sandler AG, during a market and customer oriented visit in China. After that, Sandler non-woven products “Made in Germany” have been presented and tested by big automobile manufacturers. Nowadays key market players are supplied with Sandler non-woven products. Among others Sandler is supplying non-woven fabrics to various car series of Audi and VW in China.

Car models in China using Sandler non-woven fabrics:

Audi A4L/A6L
Audi Q3/Q5
SVW Passat
Shanghai GM New Lacrosse
SAIC Roewe 550/750

As the biggest car market in the world, China more and more is setting global trends in the use of non-woven products. This increasingly requires stronger sales presence and technical advice locally. The subsequent extension of the customer- and dealer network is part of this development.