Friatec AG (Pumps a.o.) (now ‚Aliaxis Deutschland‘)

Procurement and Quality Control for Friatec AG (now ‚Aliaxis Deutschland‘)

As a member of Aliaxis Group, nowadays Friatec AG is named ‚Aliaxis Deutschland’. Main competences lie in the fields of plastics processing, technical ceramics and mechanical engineering.
For the production in its German plants, Friatec purchases selected components from Chinese suppliers. Among others, castings of various materials, such as cast iron, ductile iron, titan iron, nickel iron, stainless steel or brass.
Using the specific experiences of FE in the fields of foundries and machining of castings in China, Friatec has been demanding various services from FE fro many years, such as:
  • Selection of foundries, machining companies and other suppliers for various components and materials
  • Obtaining quotations, mould costs, samples and counter samples
  • Transfer and supervision of technical requirements given by Friatec as well as the auditing of suppliers
  • Regular on-site visits of selected suppliers together with representatives of Friatec
  • Process based quality control of the casting and machining as well as providing of a detailed inspection report before the dispatch of the goods
  • Co-ordinating the complete purchasing and order processing
  • Solution of claims and other problems locally

After years of selections and audits of suppliers, in particular in the field of castings, Friatec is now gradually extending its procurement of components from China. The permanent monitoring provided by FE locally, creates a reliable basis in terms of both stable quality and in time delivery for Friatec.