Uzin Utz (Building supply)

Foundation and Investment in Uzin Shanghai

The publicly listed Uzin Utz AG in Ulm belongs to the leading German companies in the field of construction chemicals. In January 2000 Uzin Utz AG together with FE established a Joint Venture with
the Chinese construction paint and adhesives manufacturer Shanghai Shenzhen Enterprises Co. Ltd. (see press report “Südwest Presse” as well as photo). On behalf of Uzin Utz AG, FE took part in the entire process of establishment of the Joint Venture including the recruitment of personnel.

With investment volumes very modest compared with Europe, a modern plant in Shanghai was finished within three months (see photo left). Here, Shanghai Shenzhen Uzin Adhesives Co. Ltd. produces high-quality flooring adhesives, self-levelling cement and tile adhesives as per German formulations since 2001. The turnover grew faster than the general market and amounted to roughly three million euro in 2004. Emphasis is put on the sales in the real estate projects, which is also supported by market oriented attendance in fairs and by a professional application service.

Until 2014 FE had an equity share in Shanghai Shenzhen Uzin Adhesives Co. Ltd., also after the shares of the Chinese partner have been bought by Uzin Utz AG and the subsidiary has been renamed as ‚Uzin Utz Construction Materials Shanghai Co. Ltd.‘. In particular during the years of building-up FE has contributed to a capacity load reduction of Uzin Utz AG. In 2014 FE finally sold its shares to Uzin Utz AG.