Germania (Furniture)

Purchasing of Furniture and Components for Germania GmbH & Co. KG

Germania is a family owned, medium sized manufacturer of furniture, mainly for bathrooms, corridors and offices. For its production in East Westphalia, Germania purchases selected components from local and international suppliers.
Since late 2006 FE is involved in the procurement of furniture and components for Germania in China. In particular metal components (e.g. wire baskets, table legs and fittings) are produced by Chinese manufacturers and delivered to Germania through the trading company of FE in Shanghai.
The purchasing managers and furniture technicians accomplish following tasks for Germania:
  • Selection of suitable suppliers of furniture and components
  • Handling of inquiries, quotations and samples
  • Supporting the technical exchange between the supplier and Germania
  • Monitoring of the production and the delivery within the agreed time
  • Regular quality inspection at the suppliers’ factory
  • Complete order processing, via the own trading company of FE in Shanghai
  • Providing solutions for claims and other problems locally

This local service enabled Germania to extend the purchasing in China in recent years, without exceeding own capacity limits or without concessions to the product quality.