Rolf Benz (Sofa)

Building up of sales for ROLF BENZ

The renowned brand ROLF BENZ has been linked with high-level architecture of upholstery furniture and with innovative design in Europe. However when entering the Chinese market, this famous premium supplier first had to overcome competition with many genuine and even faked furniture brands. For that reason it was crucial for ROLF BENZ to get an inside knowledge of the market conditions, consumer habits, living trends, sales structures and competitors in the Chinese market for upholstery furniture.

In 2005, along with a customer-minded market research, ROLF BENZ also assigned FE with a systematic selection of potential sales partners in the leading cities in China.

To support the dealers as well as to continuously support the development of brand and distribution networks locally, FE recruited a Chinese sales & marketing manager for ROLF BENZ at the beginning of 2006. After a customer-oriented product and sales training in Germany, he has been leading the sales & marketing in China. In the following years, recently in 2018, FE has been entrusted with the recruiting and employment of Sales Managers for Rolf Benz. As its main sales base ROLF BENZ uses the office of FE in Shanghai. After the already opened showrooms in Shanghai , Beijing and Shenzhen (see photo), further distributors have been taken under contract in more than 15 leading Chinese cities.