Hülsta (Furniture)

Building-up and Co-ordination of Sales for hülsta Werke

In 2002 the renowned German manufacturer of high-class branded furniture, hülsta Werke Hüls GmbH & Co. KG, entrusted FE with a market research in China referring to the Hülsta product range. Subsequently FE selected potential distributors for hülsta in the key cities Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. The details of sales-oriented cooperation and the design of the shops were discussed during further discussions in China.

In order to strengthen the local presence of hülsta, FE recruited a sales manager early 2004 in Shanghai. In the following years FE repeatedly provided recruiting service (recently early 2016) and advised hülsta on HR matters in China. The local staff is employed by FE and hülsta uses the FE office in Shanghai.

In September 2011 FE organized a fact finding tour through the Chinese market for the owner and CEO of hülsta group. Beside exhibitions and selected distributors also potential local competitors have been visited.

Nowadays hülsta is represented in more the 20 modern showrooms in the key cities of China. Sales volumes have increased continuously. In the meantime hülsta belongs to the leading brands in the segment of high-class, imported furniture.