HiPP (Babyfood)

Buildup and Co-ordination of Sales for HiPP

With around 45% market share, HiPP is the clear No. 1 for baby & infant food in Germany. HiPP generates a turnover of 950 million € worldwide, with a total of 3,500 employees. Among many awards HiPP has been elected as the “Most sustainable brand in Germany” (Wirtschaftswoche) and “The most popular brand in Germany” (Focus Online).

Together with FE, HiPP has prepared the market entry in China in 2009. First of all FE has selected a professional distributor for the sales under HiPP brand. In the same year the HiPP management has decided to co-operate with this partner.

From 2010 till 2021 FE has been the official Representative of HiPP in China. After the initial focus on market development, the emphasis later has been placed on a sustainable brand-building as well as a gradual setup of an own HiPP organization in China.

Typical tasks of FE are for instance:

supporting the implementation of HiPP’s marketing strategies in consideration of the local market conditions
participation in the planning, spending and controlling of the marketing budget
organization of seminars, trainings and marketing events locally
monitoring the selection and qualification of regional subdealers
contributing to the setup and expansion of online sales & marketing
advising and supporting the HiPP management in negotiations with sales partners
recruiting of local employees and buildup of the HiPP organization in China

In the previous years the sales of HiPP infant formula milk powder and complementary baby food has grown rapidly. Today China is by far the biggest export market of the whole HiPP group. In the following years the main objective will be to confirm the trust of Chinese consumers in the HiPP brand and to further strengthen HiPP‘s leading position in the premium market.