Seeberger (Dried fruits)

Market survey and selection of distributors for Seeberger KG

As an internationally active brand supplier of dried fruits and coffee specialities, the Chinese market has become increasingly important for Seeberger KG. The nutrition habits in China have changed substantially under international influence in the past years. Apart from coffee drinking, the consumption of snacks and dried fruits enjoys rising popularity in the young generation.

With this background FE conducted a customer- and dealer-related survey for Seeberger in Shanghai and Beijing in early 2004. Through this survey, FE defined the assortment of dried fruits suitable for the Chinese market on the one hand, and on the other hand selected potential dealers for its sales in China. In the spring of 2004 the managing director and export manager of Seeberger KG visited six selected dealers as well as suitable shops in Beijing and Shanghai.

Following the China journey, and in close co-ordination with FE, Seeberger KG has decided on one dealer from Beijing, which has already proved successes in the field of sales of European branded beverages and has been represented in both Shanghai and Beijing.

As necessary preparations for entering the Chinese market, FE has carried out the registration of the international and Chinese brand in China for Seeberger KG. In 2010 FE carried out a further selection of potential dealers for Seeberger in China.

After a joint visiting tour Seeberger finally signed a sales co-operation with a countrywide represented dealer in China.