Office service and Accounting – further customers

Office Service and Accounting – further customers

Several customers are using the office service of FE in Shanghai or the accounting & controlling service provided by FE’s own accountants. For instance:

Office service

  • HiPP Gruppe
  • Hülsta Werke
  • Rolf Benz AG
  • Waldner GmbH
  • A.u.K. Müller GmbH


  • HiPP Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • Integra Biosciences Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • TQ Systems Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • Metallchemie China Co. Ltd.
  • Steinel Intelligent Technology System Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • Textum Textile Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • Aliaxis Fluid Systems Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • Berger Closures Changshau Co. Ltd.