Schomburg (Construction Chemicals)

Building Up and Investment in ‚Schomburg Construction Chemicals Shanghai Co. Ltd.‘

As a leading German system provider of construction chemicals, Schomburg develops, produces and sells building materials for the German and International market. With about 500 employees Schomburg generates an annual turnover of around 80 million €.

In the growing Chinese market there is a huge demand for the sealing products of Schomburg, such as ‘Betocrete’,   a special product for sealing of concrete construction. Due to this growing demand Schomburg has decided to build up an own sales network in China (2018). After a further increase of orders, ‘Schomburg Construction Chemicals Shanghai Co. Ltd. ‘ has been established (2020).

Since its foundation in 1996, FE has been engaged in the Chinese construction chemical market. Based on the know-how in this specific industry, FE has supported the Schomburg Group in China in following fields:

Investigation of existing customers, competitors and sales potentials for selected Schomburg products
Restructuring of sales, incl. a consequent pricing and marketing strategy
Recruiting a first Sales Manager for Schomburg in Shanghai
Foundation and a 25% capital investment by FE in ‘Schomburg Construction Chemicals Shanghai Co. Ltd.’
Ongoing management and controlling tasks locally

The dealer and customer base of the Schomburg Shanghai Co. is increasing continuously, same as the local team. FE and the Schomburg Group are deeply convinced of the strategic importance and the subsequent success of its investment in China.