Kneipp (Natural remedy)

Building up and Co-ordination of Sales for Kneipp Group

The traditional Kneipp Werke have its origin in the naturopathic studies of Sebastian Kneipp, the pioneer of health care, in 1891. Based on this, the Kneipp Werke have been developing high quality medicine, nutritional supplements and products for skin care since generations. Nowadays these products are delivered under the brand name Kneipp in more than 20 countries.

Since the end of 2007 FE has taken responsibility for following tasks for Kneipp during its market development in China:

  • Market research and selection of potential distributors
  • Final negotiation and contract signing with one exclusive distributor
  • Systematic selection of products according to sample tests with Chinese customers
  • Support for product registration in China
  • Active involvement in product trainings both in Germany and China

In early 2009 around 40 articles have been introduced in the Chinese market, including bath additives such as oils, salts and soda tablets, shower gels, lotions, skin oils, massage oils as well as products for leg and foot care. Simultaneously the first dietetic foods, teas and dietary supplements have been sold in China. In the following years, the Kneipp Werke have planned a gradual increase of the product range for the Chinese market.

Together with its exclusive distributors, the Kneipp Werke are presented in a number of Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Dalian, Shenyang, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Ningbo. Within this wide spreading sales network, Kneipp as a brand with long tradition in body care is being sold in high-end stores (i.e. Westgate Mall in Shanghai, see the photo) as well as shops and furnishing stores.

Until the end of 2010 FE took responsibility for the following local tasks during the ongoing co-ordination of sales and marketing:

  • Handling and translation of product inquiries, price quotations, product information and samples as well as order processing
  • Support for product registrations, trainings and marketing activities
  • Co-ordination and organisation of the contractual relationships between the Kneipp Werke and their local sales partners, currently the company TIAN FU Commercial Development Co. Ltd., whereas FE$ acts as a link between the Kneipp Werke and their local sales partners
  • Support for marketing as well as developing and managing the brand
  • Support to the Kneipp Werke for the expansion of the sales structure in China
  • Continuously observing the market and competition as well as providing relevant information to Kneipp Werke