Basic Company Data

Basic Company Data FE Beteiligungsgesellschaft


FE Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

Head Office:

Innere Wiener Straße 30, 81667 München, Germany


Main Business Activities:

Establishing and coordinating European business operations in China. This includes among other activities:

  • Establisment and Co-ordination of Sales & Marketing in China
  • Procurement and Quality Inspection in China
  • HR Consulting, Office Service and Accounting Service in China
  • Set-up of Companies and Plants as well as M&A Consulting
  • Establishment and Operation of Assembly & Production, incl. Trading Service
  • Equity Investments and local Co-Management for Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures in China


Date of Foundation: 11 June 1996
Registered: Trade Register No. HRB 121020, Munich Municipal Court
General Manager: Mr. Klaus Ruhdorfer, Gauting,
Mr. Wei Ge, Shanghai

Subsidiaries and Offices:

  • Trading company in Shanghai
  • Office and Procurement Base in Guangzhou


25 full-time employees, thereof

  • Shanghai: 18
  • Guangzhou: 4
  • Munich: 3
  • in addition: project-based involvement of industrial experts


FE holds shares in the following companies in China:

  • FE Beteiligungsgesellschaft Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • FE Financial Management Consulting Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • Walther Flender Power Transmission Changshu Co. Ltd.
  • Steinel Intelligent Technology System Shanghai Co. Ltd
  • Schomburg Construction Chemicals Shanghai Co. Ltd