Falke (Socks, Stockings)

Analysis of potential Distribution and Manufacturing partners for FALKE KG, Schmallenberg

Since the end of 2002, FE has investigated the Chinese sock market for FALKE KG, the renowned German Brand-manufacturer of high-quality legwear. In order to explore the feasibility of a possible co-operation with local partners in China, FE has checked all relevant conditions including their local sales networks and the economic and technical production conditions.

In order to present a broader picture of the Chinese sock market to FALKE, FE has selected manufacturing partners and raw material suppliers as well as potential distributors for the export of FALKE legwear to China in the second half of year 2003. The distributors have been carefully selected, to well present the premium brand image of FALKE, and all of them run Shops in exclusive locations in the booming urban areas of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

In the beginning of 2004, representatives of FALKE accompanied by FE visited the selected manufacturers, raw material suppliers and distributors, including stores in China. Through the extensive selection and further negotiations, FALKE successfully developed further cooperation with the suitable partners in China.