Friatec (Pumps) (now ‚Aliaxis Deutschland‘)

Production and Sales of Pump Products together with Friatec AG (now ‚Aliaxis Deutschland‘)

As a member of Aliaxis Group, nowadays Friatec AG is named ‚Aliaxis Deutschland‘. Among the wide product range of FRIATEC AG, the pump products of Division Rheinhuette Pumpen in Wiesbaden are mainly applied in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

In the light of the growing Chinese market in plant engineering and chemical industry, Friatec AG – Division Rheinhuette Pumpen, together with FE, built up its own sales team in China in the beginning of 2003. In the meantime seven colleagues work in the offices of FE in Shanghai and Beijing to manage and support the growing dealers and customer-network in China.

In order to reach a constant leading position in the Chinese market, in the beginning of 2007 Friatec AG decided to build up a production in China together with FE Shanghai Co., Ltd. In an assembly hall rented by FE, local FE technicians and a pump specialist sent from the mother company are carrying out the following tasks for Friatec AG:

  • Purchase and quality inspection of the local components
  • Assembling the imported special pump with the local components
  • Producing complete plastic pump locally
  • Quick delivery of pump and fittings from own warehouse to the Chinese customers
  • Rmb Invoicing via FE Shanghai to the Chinese customers

With optimized delivery capability and stronger competitiveness thanks to the local production, new customers and contracts have been brought into business.