Follmann (Chemical industry)

Recruiting, Accounting and other services for Follmann Group

The family-run Follmann Group is a leading European manufacturer of specialty chemicals. Core products are a.o. print colours, adhesives and encapsulations. In 2015 a turnover of 187 million € has been generated with 640 employees. As an internationally acting company it is of strategic importance for Follmann to supply its key customer groups, such as the furniture, packaging and wallpaper industry, in the Chinese market.

Against this background Follmann established ‘Follmann (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.’ in 2014 and sent a German General Manager to Shanghai. In order to furtherly strengthen its local presence in China, Follmann made use of various services provided by FE:

  • market and competitor analysis
  • recruiting for the set-up of a local sales team
  • temporarily use of FE’s office in Shanghai
  • selection, evaluation and inspection of industrial zones
  • support in selection and rental of suitable office rooms

After the foundation of ‘Follmann (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.’, Follmann entrusted FE Shanghai with the complete accounting work.

Nowadays Follmann can access a well-functioning network in China and thanks to its own team, Follmann is prepared for further steps in the Chinese market.