VBH (Building hardware)

Setting up of purchase for the VBH Holding AG

VBH is the biggest wholesale company for door & window hardware in Europe, with a turnover of roughly 600 million €. As an intermediary between hardware suppliers and customers of the window, door and furniture industry, China as the leading market both for sourcing and sales has become more and more important for VBH.

Against this background VBH entrusted FE with following tasks in China in 2005:

  • investigation and evaluation of the set up of a purchasing company in comparison with a purchasing office
  • establishment and registration of a representative office in Guangzhou
  • recruiting of purchaser, quality controllers and accounting staff
  • examination and selection of qualified suppliers for various product groups

Since then, VBH benefits from its purchasing platform right in the center of the East Asian construction hardware industry and combines this platform with its existing two Joint Ventures for sales in China.